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Last week we posted about Seb Lester and his ‘Keep it Simple” poster. We couldn’t leave it at that. We had to post more of his gorgeous work. Above is his “Home Sweet Home” poster that not only is a beautiful type specimen but also uses Mirri paper which changes colors depending on the lighting conditions. See this video of the poster for the full effect – very cool!


Another great piece in metallic gold.


Similar style in metallic silver…


…and a beautiful inspirational piece, where in the artist’s own words, he said, “I like to think that almost anyone can achieve almost anything in life. It’s all about passion, focus, and commitment. I wanted to design a strong, dynamic, inspirational poster that referenced this popular self-help adage.”

A nice thing to remind ourselves every once in a while.

All the works can be found and bought at Seb’s website or at the Keep Calm Gallery. {images from here}

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