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I ordered this today for our office. But I think maybe I need to put it somewhere more prominent.

no whining print :: hammerpress


reexamination & reflection

We know, we know…the blog has been a bit dead lately! It’s not due to a lack of work – in fact, we’ve been quite busy this past summer with some really exciting work. Our blog has been a great source of community discussion and we look forward to getting back into the routine of posting regularly – and we have some great stuff to share in the coming months!

In truth, we’ve spent much of the past year taking a serious look at our business and what we want out of it. For the last two years, we’ve had moments of uneasiness. We weren’t sure if we were just going through a creative block (it happens, unfortunately) or if we were tired of working with weddings specifically. We thought perhaps it could be the slow economy (which has certainly taught us a thing or two in itself).

Eventually though, we realized it really wasn’t any of those things. We had an unbelievable summer and had the privilege of working on some of our all-time favorite projects. These projects refreshed us and helped us realize we haven’t lost our passion for the wedding industry or, more importantly, for good design. One of the reasons we felt so refreshed was that we worked closely with individuals who are just as passionate for paper and design as us. They shared our style and design aesthetic, and the projects were truly collaborative. They trusted our expertise and recommendations and looked to us for guidance – and we had an absolute blast working with them.

Given this opportunity, we were able to reexamine and redefine who we are as designers and what we want from our company. We’ve redefined our goals and how we intend to reach those goals. We’ve retooled our processes and methods.

While a few things have changed, one thing that will stay constant is our commitment to good design and providing our clients with the best service and end-product possible.

A few updates we can share:

• We will be updating our wedding Studio Collection with additional designs and additional customization options throughout the year. We’ve already finished a couple of these designs and I can tell you they’re a lot of fun!

• Our package minimum for all custom invitation projects has increased to $1500.00. This new minimum isn’t a huge change (the majority of our clients invest that amount or more already in their packages). It’s our continued commitment to provide brides and grooms with great design and exceptional service for their investment.

• In addition to working with brides and grooms on wedding projects, we will also be placing more focus on working with businesses on corporate design projects. This is something we’ve done for years – but it hasn’t been at the forefront of our services. We have an especially unique perspective to help businesses in the wedding industry with their needs – more to come on this very soon!

• Our sketchbooks are out and we’re working on some fun new projects – stay tuned for more!

We understand that it is an investment to work with designers, and we strive to make sure that it is an expense well worth the cost. We look forward to continue to offer superior design services to all our clients, whether they are a newly engaged couple seeking invitations, or a business seeking a new image.

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, we are passionate not just about stationery design, but great design. PERIOD.

Lastly… oh, nevermind – what’s with all this seriousness? Let’s get back to the blogging fun!

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ideapaint :: great idea!


I love the idea of chalkboard paint. Doodling thoughts as they strike – brainstorming as a team – making checklists – an entire wall’s worth of chalkboard space would be great for these very uses. But, there’s a problem: chalk makes me squeamish. Seriously. It’s a texture thing. Even thinking about using chalk makes my skin crawl.

Having this affliction, I was incredibly excited to discover (via the How blog) that there is a delightfully non-icky alternative: IdeaPaint! Using IdeaPaint, you can turn any wall, door, desk, or other surface into a whiteboard surface. I LOVE this and will immediately commence convincing Jonathan that we need to paint one of the walls in our office with this stuff. Increased productivity, here I come!

{oh, and…the packaging is pretty cool too!}





type coasters


As I was helping to finish up our massive home office overhaul I was enjoying a cold Fat Tire beer and set the glass down on our desk. I realized at that moment we need new coasters to go with our newly re-arranged office. For some reason I’ve always been obsessed with coasters, and found these laser-etched bamboo type beauties at Veer. I love the bamboo texture and the array of different type forms. These, I think, would be an exellent addition to our newly de-cluttered desktop!


open house

After settling into our new studio, we hosted a small open house to show off our great new space! Jodi and Arianna from Woodland Flowers provided gorgeous floral arrangements for the event and we thoroughly enjoyed mingling with friends and colleagues!




Jonathan and I had so much fun creating invitations for the open house – a vintage inspired design that we then had letterpressed on chipboard. The invites were either hand delivered or mailed in gorgeous chocolate or papaya envelopes with wrap-around labels.




fancy schmancy new studio

I promised I’d share photos of our new studio and here they are! We share the studio with a wonderful floral design company, Woodland Flowers (the beautiful flowers in the photos below were designed by them). Some of our favorite details about the studio are the large open size, the exposed brick walls, and the vaulted ceilings. The room gets a lot of natural light and feels roomy and warm.


The paint color took some trial and error – we wanted a warm and cozy gray, which proved more difficult to find than we expected. But eventually we found the perfect shade, and I can’t be happier with the results! It works nicely with the brick and with all of our white furniture.

The chairs were a find from a vintage furniture resale shop here in Seattle. Once we brought them into the studio, we discovered they are a dead-on match to the existing green carpet. At first we weren’t too sure about either the carpet or the matchiness with the chairs – but we’ve decided to like it for now. Maybe eventually we will be able to change the carpet.


We’re looking forward to many wonderful meetings with our clients in our new space!


studio and home office wish list

It has been a busy week preparing for the move into the new studio – choosing a paint color, finalizing furniture, etc. I can’t wait to share photos! We will be starting the move tonight and so I’ll be sure to snap some “in progress” photos as we work.

Today, though, I had to tear myself away from the studio plans to get some good old-fashioned bookkeeping and office work done. Usually this devolves into me looking online at office and organizational supplies rather than doing actual work. Here are some of the fun things I found that are now on my wish list. Not only are we currently moving into a new studio, but we’re also undertaking a massive home office overhaul, so I think some of these accessories (some functional, some frivolous) are must-haves for the reorganization!


vintage desktop accessories from Hello Victory (LOVE this little shop! Keep up with their newest finds on their blog here)


stylish and functional desktop accessories from russell and hazel


functional storage from ikea and cb2

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new digs

We have some big news!

This weekend, we will be moving to a new studio! While we’ve loved our location in downtown Kirkland in the Brooks Building, we’re very excited to announce that we’re moving to a new, larger space! We’ll still be in downtown Kirkland – only a block away from our old location. (Literally – old address: 613 Market, new address: 730 Market).

We’re moving to a second floor studio and will be sharing the studio space with the talented ladies of Woodland Flowers. More details to follow, including before and after photos!


The move is exciting, but somewhat bittersweet, since we’ll be leaving the studio we’ve been in for the past 2 years. It has served us well – but we’ve very excited to be moving on to new digs! MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!


business card birdies


This bird bath dish would make a lovely business card holder, no? I’m thinking I might order it for our studio…

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rethinking the studio

I’ve been rethinking our studio recently – I think it is due for some new, fresh changes. I’m thinking lots of white (combined with the some of the dark brown furniture we already have), clear acrylic accessories, succulents, and some new storage.


left to right, top to bottom:

ikea docksta table | succulents photo from | cb2 lumiere pillar holders | west elm scoopback chair | cb2 sidecar high dining table | west elm canvas storage bins | cb2 beaker glass pitcher | cb2 zombie tumblers | cb2 format tray